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If you’re looking for Lottery Sambad Results, we update Nagaland lottery results here every day, including morning, day, and evening results. You can find the timetable, winning prize amounts, live lottery results, as well as information on how to buy lottery tickets and play dear lottery online. Read the article for complete details.

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Lottery Sambad Lottery Sambad Introduction

Lottery Sambad is a newspaper where the Nagaland State Lottery results are released, which people can watch through live draw and PDF.

Nagaland Lottery results are known by many names, including the popular names Dear Lottery Result and Lottery Sambad, including Dhankesari.

Most people in India, particularly in the states of West Bengal and Nagaland, play this lottery more often. In many states of India, lotteries are illegal; there are only 13 states where lotteries are legal.

The Lottery Sambad fax is organized by the Nagaland State and is named after the Dear Lottery ticket, which is released through live draws with different names three times a day.

nagaland state dear lottery 1pm, 6pm, 8pm ticket copy
dear lottery morning, evening and day ticket copy

Lottery Sambad Today Result Overviews

Lottery NameDear Lottery Today 
Result date17.05.2024
Draw Code36
State NameGovernment of Nagaland State
Result Time1 PM, 6 PM, and 8 PM
Draw NameDear Morning, Dear Evening, and Dear Night
Game RoundDaily 3 Round
Ticket Price6 Rupees
First Prize AmountRs. 1 Crore/-
Official Sitewww nagalandlotteries com
Result Status Available

The Nagaland Lottery is played at three different times (morning, afternoon, and evening). The ticket price is set at 6 rupees per ticket. It includes five types of winning prize amounts, with the first big prize amount being 1 crore rupees. Additionally, all prize amounts are included in the table below:

nagaland state dear lottery tikat timing
dear lottery ticket timing chart

Dear Lottery Result Today 1 pm

This is the first round game of Nagaland State, which buyers can purchase until 1 pm, 30 minutes prior, and the ticket matching can be viewed through a live draw as per the scheduled time. People also know it as the Lottery Sambad 1 pm result.

Dear Lottery Result Today 6 pm

This is the second round of this game which everyone can play by purchasing this lottery ticket half an hour before the time and you can match the ticket at 6:10 pm through this webpage. You can name it Lottery Sambad 6 pm Result.

Dear Lottery Result Today 8 pm

This is the final round, as usual, and you can participate by purchasing tickets 30 minutes before 8 pm. The results will be announced at the designated time, and some people refer to it as the lottery sambad night results.

Nagaland Lottery Sambad Weekly Timetable

Day01:00 PM06:00 PM08:00 PM
SundayDear Damodar MorningDear JupiterDear Hawk Evening
MondayDear Ganga MorningDear SunDear Flamingo Evening
TuesdayDear Teesta MorningDear MoonDear Parrot Evening
WednesdayDear Torsa MorningDear MercuryDear Eagle Evening
ThursdayDear Padma MorningDear VenusDear Falcon Evening
FridayDear Hooghly MorningDear EarthDear Vulture Evening
SaturdayDear Kosai MorningDear MarsDear Ostrich Evening

Nagaland State Lottery Prize Details

RankPrize List
1st PrizeRs- 1 Crore
Cons. PrizeRs- 1000/-
2nd PrizeRs- 9000/-
3rd PrizeRs- 500/-
4th PrizeRs- 250/-
5th PrizeRs- 120/-

How to play nagaland state dear lottery

You can participate in this game in two ways, first online and second offline. There are some websites from where you can order lottery tickets sitting at home, but there is a risk in this.
Many people have been defrauded, it would be better if you buy tickets from an offline Authrosid shop. If you live in a state where a lottery is legal, then check out the local market and take part in this game.

How to Check Nagaland Lottery Sambad Today Result

  1. First, type in the URL of any browser on your phone and search for it.
  2. Now you will come to the homepage of the official website of Lottery Sambad.
  3. Before that, make sure you have taken the Dear lottery ticket of which day and time.
  4. Now, according to the time (DEAR 1:00 PM WEEKLY, DEAR 6:00 PM WEEKLY, DEAR 8:00 PM WEEKLY), click on the PDF button and download the lottery PDF, match it whenever you want.

How to Claim Nagaland Dear Lottery Winning Amount

If you are a lucky Winner of the Nagaland State Lottery then you have to follow the below steps to Claim Nagaland State Lottery Winning Amount.

  • Visit the Official Website of the Nagaland State Lottery.
  • Then scroll in the footer and Click on the “Claim” Option.
  • Next Download Application for Lottery Prize Claim of Nagaland State Lotteries.
  • Now fill out the Application form correctly and attached the necessary Documents Like Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Photo & Others.
  • Now send these documents via Post to The Director / Nodal Officer of Nagaland State Lotteries Office.

Avoid lottery Sambad Fraud

These are the tips that you can follow to avoid Nagaland State Lottery fraud.

  1. Always buy a lottery from an authorized shop.
  2. If someone claims through a phone call that you have won a prize, never believe it or share your bank account.
  3. Do not mention the lottery or share personal information in emails, social media posts, or advertisements.
  4. Never share credit cards debit cards or OTP with anyone.
  5. If someone claims that he will make you win the lottery, then never believe him or believe him.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who manages and organizes Lottery Sambad?

Dear Lottery is managed and organized under the supervision of the Government of Nagaland State.

2. Where can I buy Nagaland state lottery tickets?

Lottery tickets can be purchased online/offline through a local agent or through authorized retailers. But this lottery is valid only for the people of Nagaland state.

3. Who is eligible to buy Nagaland lottery tickets?

Anyone above the age of 18 can buy this lottery ticket and play this Nagaland state lottery game but only those people will be able to claim their prize if they have a valid state domicile, it is recommended That if you are not from the state of Nagaland then you can’t participate because you will not get the winning prize.

4. How to Win Nagaland State Lottery

Winning the lottery prize is not difficult but it depends on your luck, if you have chosen the right number then you can be the next lucky winner.

5. How do I check my lottery results?

First of all, you should check which state lottery ticket you have taken so that you can see the correct lottery result because many websites will be found in the name of internet lottery result, so you can check the lottery result of that state from the lottery result of that state. Search I want to tell you that state-wise result is available here.

6. What do you mean by lottery sambad?

Lottery Sambad is a Nagaland State Dear Lottery Matching Online Platform. From where you match dear lottery ticket, if the number of printed tickets looks the same in your ticket and result then you can become the winner.

7. What is the Lottery Sambad Live website? An Online Lottery Result, News, Health Tips, Jobs, and Government Scheme Information Platform.

8. How do I contact Nagaland Lotteries?

It is easy to contact Nagaland Lottery, you can contact them with the number given below.
The Director
Directorate of Nagaland State Lotteries
P.R.Hill Junction, Nagaland: Kohima – 797001
Ph: 0370-2229982


If seen, people of every section can try their luck by investing Rs 6 because Nagaland state gives you a chance to become a millionaire through dear lottery Sambad. If you live in this state then you can give luck a chance by participating in the game.


Lottery Sambad Pro never endorses any gambling nor does it demand money from anyone, this website only provides information to make your search easier.