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01 August 2021

Nagaland State Lottery Live 

04:00 PM Result

Lottery Sambad Live today 4pm 01/08/2021 Nagaland State Lottery Result Pdf File Download

Nagaland State Lottery Live 19.7.2021 Result 8PM 4PM and 01PM

Hello friends welcome in this post of lottery sambad live we will talk about nagaland state lottery game as well as give complete information about nagaland state dear lottery sambad how and from where you can play this game

What is Nagaland State Lottery Game?

Nagaland Lottery is a type of most popular game played in Nagaland state, this game is very easy to play as well as the price available in it is very big, everyone can play it, so the price of its ticket is also kept very low. Because of this, this game is the favorite game of many people, rest of the information can be seen below!

Where is the Nagaland State Lottery played?

Although this game has been released especially for the state of Nagaland, apart from this state, this game is played very loudly in many places, earlier this game is also played a lot in Sikkim state, West Bengal state now. It is slowly played in Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh in some places.

How to play Nagaland Lottery?

Playing this game is not a difficult task, to play this game, you can play it by contacting the authorized seller in your own market or you can also play it online.

Nagaland State Lottery Morning

What is the cost of the Nagaland State Lottery?

The price of the Nagaland State Lottery Ticket is kept at only Rs.6 per piece, this ticket is printed in many series like 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, etc.

Under what name are Nagaland State lottery tickets sold and played?

Nagaland State Lottery Ticket is sold in the name of Dear Lottery, Dear also includes many names, we will discuss it further. Sikkim Lottery Sambad, Sikkim State Lottery, State Lottery, West Bengal Lottery, etc.

When and how many times is the Nagaland lottery played?

Nagaland Dear Lottery is played 3 times a day on Sambad First Lottery 11:55 AM Nagaland State Dear morning Now its time has been changed to 1 PM and Second Lottery 04:00 PM Nagaland State Day Lottery or Dear Lottery 4 PM and third more Last lottery 08:00 PM Nagaland State Evening Lottery or you say dear lottery evening 8 PM or it can also be called lottery sambad night result!

Nagaland State Lottery is played how many times a week?

Dear Lottery is played 7 days a week or if you say it is played every day but Dear Lottery is issued every day under different names whose list is given below-

Days Lottery Name
Dear Affectionate Morning
Dear Loving Morning
Dear Sincere Morning
Dear Faithful Morning
Dear Kind Morning
Dear Tender Morning
Dear Gentle Morning

Nagaland State Lottery Prize List

How many types of prizes are kept in the Nagaland lottery draw?

Nagaland lottery ticket may have been kept low but its price is very big, its list is below –

Prize Name Amount List
Frist. Prize
1 Crore Rupess
Cons. Prize
1000/- Rupess
Second Prize
9000/- Rupess
Third Prize
500/- Rupess
Fourth Prize
250/- Rupess
Fifth Prize
120/- Rupess

How to participate in Nagaland lottery draw?

It is very easy to join this game, for this you have to buy dear lottery ticket, that too online or offline, if you buy online, then for this you visit the official website of dear, if you want to buy offline, then for this you have to buy your local market. I have to meet the seller of the counter from anyone.

How and where to match Nagaland lottery tickets?

It is as easy as playing the lottery of Nagaland state, it is as easy as mixing this ticket, if you have taken the lottery ticket for whatever time you have taken the lottery ticket like 1pm, then you have to go to its official website or you have to go to their official youtube Have to go to the channel and get tickets by watching the live draw!

Nagaland State Lottery 8pm

Where to download the Nagaland lottery draw results?

Although the result of this Nagaland Dear Lottery can be downloaded from their official website, apart from this you can also download from or website but we also give this facility to you on our website To download the pdf file of the result, you have to follow some steps, after that, you can download the result and try your luck.

#Step 1 – You have to type in Google search bar and click on search .

#Step 2 – Now you will get to see the homepage of website

#Step 3 – Now whatever time you have taken a lottery ticket like 01:00 PM or 04:00 PM or you have 08:00 PM for any of these times, then you have to click on that button according to your time. After that, you will go to the page of that time

#Step 4 – Now you have to see the date and time of your ticket and download the pdf file of the result by clicking on the button of DOWNLOAD PDF shown on that page.

#Step 5 – Now you have to open the downloaded file and match the lottery result

Nagaland State Lottery Old Result

Lottery Sambad Old

How to check Nagaland lottery ticket old result?

If you have missed seeing the live result of lottery result, then for this also we have created a new page in the name of OLD result, only you have to go to this page and on whatever date and time you want to see the result, just click on that date. If you want to download it, then in this way you can see all the old results of lottery communication!

How to buy Nagaland lottery ticket?

You can also buy Dear lottery ticket offline or online, for this you have to pay only 6 rupees per ticket, then you have to pay as much money as you want to take tickets for the series like –
5 series – 5*6 = 30 rupees
10 series – 10*6= 60 rupees
25 series – 25*6 = 150 rupees
50 series -50*6= 300 rupees
100 series – 100*6= 600 rupees

Sikkim State Lottery

What should we do if we win the Nagaland lottery draw?

If you have taken an offline ticket then you have to go to the same counter and give them the ticket and collect your winning amount!

Benefits of visiting lottery sambad live website?

On the lottery sambad live website, you get to see many facilities like from here you can see the Nagaland State Lottery Result, apart from this you can also see Manipur State Lottery, Dhankesari Lottery, Lottery Sambad Lottery Result, Arunachal Pradesh Lottery, Bhutan State Lottery, Punjab State Lottery. , Mizoram State Rajshree Lottery, Tripura State Lottery, Kerala Lottery can see the result and here you can also get information about government jobs, if you want to download the mobile application of our lottery sambad live then you can go to play store and download is…thanks

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